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When marketers and ad execs are throwing out the phrase “earned media”, they really mean written content versus pushed ads. We all know that some written content is now being moved into the category of “sponsored content”, like you see on Buzzfeed and other advertorial content sites. The truth is that this term is not used enough to convey the division from other online advertising/marketing formats. If you ever come across a situation where you need to give your blog content channel the proper categorization to perspective advertisers, you just might consider calling it an earned media option. Otherwise, the only other option is paid media, and most of the bloggers subscribed to the Mom Blogwire are a bit above the pay grade of generally accepted banner and CPC ads. As a community, it makes sense to push the earned media description, and it will be more profitable for the entire community in the long run.

Blog Outreach Mom Bloggers Golden Records

Celebrity Series: The Magic Continues, Vol. 1 Product Giveaway

Blog outreach golden recordsGolden Records was one of the first and ultimately most successful children’s record labels in America. Grammy Award-winning producer Arthur Shimkin imagined the iconic label in 1948. Through rich orchestration and the use of A-list talent, Golden Records created a timeless, one of a kind sound, releasing beloved songs and stories that entertained and educated children for decades.

Back by popular demand, Golden Records returns to release a series of highly anticipated albums, launching a series of instant classics and remastered original recordings to come. Award-winning music producer Tony Shimkin, son of Golden Records creator, Arthur Shimkin, has carried on his father’s legacy, producing each of the releases, reimagined for the child in all of us!

OFFER: We have 50 CDs to giveaway to bloggers who can review the CD on their blog between September 4th-18th!

Requirements: Blogger with a Min of 3,000 Unique visitors each month are invited to receive our product for review on their blog. We are requesting that reviews take place between September 4-18th to celebrate the record launch. We are also looking for publishers and bloggers interested in hosting a giveaway of our product.Blogger Outreach Golden Records

Particpate in this opportunity – Click Here to email

Celebrity Series: The Magic Continues, Vol. 1 (Out 9/4) is sure to shake up the children’s music genre, packed with 20 classic songs and stories that combine the beautifully orchestrated original recordings with the talent of today’s biggest and brightest stars. Ed Asner, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Busy Philipps, Constance Marie, Didi Conn, Cheryl Hines and many more bring to life classics such as Rapunzel, Puss in Boots and Cinderella.

Out September 4 in WalMart Stores, iTunes and Amazon among others, Celebrity Series: The Magic Continues, Vol. 1, marks the beginning of an entire series recapturing the values, quality, and timeless innocence of Golden Records. Hear for yourself with the exclusive celebrity teaser below!

Learn More About Golden Records Here:

Exclusive Celebrity Teaser:

Free Download Here:



For more information, contact rachael at or visit our website



Rachael Hardway

134 W 25th Street, 5th Floor| New York City | New York | 10001

Ah Valentine’s day. We have some great Valetine’s day love for the mom bloggers here at the Mom Blog Wire. We have comlied a list of free (yes we said free) Valentine’s Day icons for you to use on your blogs.

Free Valentines Day Vector Graphics

These Love Box Valentine’s Day Vector graphics are transparent ONG files containing boxes, hearts, and tags.  Grab them

Valetines Day vector icons backgroundsNeed a Valentine’s Day background? This free Valentine’s day vector graphics set contains 5 different colours. It’s a large file so you can also use it as a twitter background. The set is titled ” Love Bubbles’  Grab it

Free Valentine's Day Icon setWe used one of these great Valentines Day Icons from Smashing Magazine in our last post at the Blog Pr Wire. They are perfect for any webmaster or blogger wanting to make their Blog a bit Valentine’s day happy. The set contains 10 Valentine’s Day icons for most of the usual navigation links you would find on a blog; contact, search, rss, comments… and so on. Grab Smashing Magaine’s Free Valentines day blog icons here

And of course, you will want some Free Valentine’s Day Social Media Icons right?

This set Free Valetines Day Iconsof Valentine’s Day icons will cover over 150 social media networks so you should find all the icons you need to link to your social media profiles for Valentine’s Day. Grab them here




06 Feb

Mom Blog Wire Blog of the Day

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Mom Blog of the Day

Today’s mom blog of the day isn’t technically a ‘mom blog’. However, we love the uniqueness of this faith based blog and Internet publication for Christian moms. His Life Magazine has a blog component that is currently full of great Valentine’s day activities including yummy Valentine’s day treats and how to make heart shaped braids for Valentine’s day. Grab a FREE digital version of His Life Magazine here . We think His Life Magazine is a blog and Internet publication to keep an eye on!

His Life Magazine

BlogPrWire’s featured blogger this week is:  Susan of Busy Bee Lifestyle

Susan’s blog was created to share fabulous ideas that would make it easy for busy women to add special touches to family life! The blog covers topics like entertaining, cooking, gift guides, trends, parties for children, fashion, books and much more.

You can tell she loves her blog – the attention to design and navigation makes visiting a pleasure (which wasn’t so great for us at BlogPrWire as I spent much too long browsing and browsing).

The Busy Bee Lifestyle blog is managed on a hosted WordPress platform. When asked what WordPress plugin tops their list, Susan shared that the Quick page post redirect plug in for WordPress is a must have for every WordPress hosted blog.

What are the goals you have for the Busy Bee Lifestyle blog this year?

“One of the most optimistic goals that I have for Busy Bee is to be featured on a national television or cable show! On a more reasonable note, I am continuing to seek FaceBook fans, Twitter followers and subscribers to our newsletter. “

Can you share a blogging tip with other bloggers reading the Blog Pr Wire blog?

” The best thing that I have done is to develop a terrific relationship with the NBC Philadelphia television studio where I have been filming live segments for The 10 Show for the past two years. It’s been great exposure for the site and our blog readers really seem to enjoy the filmed segments that we post online.

Also, one of the most popular features of Busy Bee is our “Tip of the Week” which is mailed to our subscribers on a bi-monthly basis. The tips vary widely in subject matter, but are always informative and fun! Here are links to two of my favorite, recent tips:

Upgrade the Classic Cheese Tray:
Take a Virtual Tour of Your Favorite Art Museum



30 Apr

Blogger Pitch – Secura Child

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Secura Trac is looking for feedback on
their new free child safety service

Blogger pitch

Secura Trac invites bloggers to create a free child safety account at

SecuraChild is entirely free for parents and guardians to use. An account can be created for any child with a minimum of important identifying information including: height, weight, hair color, and eye color. more…

14 Apr

Being a PR friendly blog

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Bloggers are often looking to work with the top brand name PR reps. Are you ready to start working with the big brands?

Here are some of the things you NEED to be considered a quality media partner with professional PR Reps:

1) Quality Site Design & Layout.

  • Crisp images, easy navigation (navigation bar & footer), min 550 pixel width main content section.
  • Is the content you are displaying actually what is featured on your page or is your layout overwhelming the content? Do not use dark backgrounds with light text. The content/copy is what your blog is about and it has to be readable and the focus of the reader.
  • No over crowding. Keep your side bar content to a minimum. Feature a few buttons and move the rest to pages.

2) Full disclosure AND transparency.

Have a disclosure policy clearly linked from your footer.

Create a CONTACT page that is clearly linked within the TOP fold of your site. Visitors should not have to scroll down to locate your conact page.

3) Understand real Internet metrics.

For every 1000 views of content  a PR Rep or advertiser can expect to see 1-3 clicks. Do you have enough unique visitors to ensure their campaign will succeed?  If not, what are other benefits you can provide? (see number 5)

4) Be ready for contact.

Know your traffic and visitors. Google Analytics is free and will tell you who visits your blog. This is information needed to make sure your offers and content are relevant to your visitors. This is what PR reps and advertisers want to know.

Have a PR Contact Page that provides the information PR Reps are looking for (which is similar to an advertising Media Kit). Include a form to make it easy for PR Reps to contact you.

5) Syndicate and cross promote. If you don’t have the site visitors on your blog- maybe you have them in other places. Consider posting your features and reviews on other blogs as a guest writer, on your facebook, microblogged on twitter, as an amazon review, included in articles that your distribute elsewhere… get creative.  Let Pr Reps KNOW you do this.

7) Understand what SEO is. A good PR Rep will review your content before establishing a relationship. Are you practicing good SEO practices?

Use keywords your visitors would use in search engines within your reviews (this will bring you future traffic that is relevant to your blog ), this give value to your posts that PR Reps will be looking for when they consider a partnership with you.

  • Ensure your reviews link back to your media partners pages.
  • Use perma links and title your post and urls with keywords.
  • Have unique meta tags in each post.

8) Be a publisher and a blogger.

Take the time to learn the ropes. Blogging isn’t really all that new. Parents were blogging in the 90’s, they just had to write each and every page in html. Blog platforms (content managers) are new.

Design, content, getting quality visitors; these are all well tested , well established. The Internet industry knows how people interact with web browsers. They know what works – you should too. Don’t waste hours,weeks, years, learning by trial and error. There are a lot of FREE resources out there. Dedicate time to learning the ins and outs of being a Internet publisher.



14 Apr

Omnii Jewelry Organizer – Press Release

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Why invest in jewelry if you can’t find it when you want it, have to untangle it before you can wear it, or, worst of all, don’t even remember that you own it? Onmii is the chic jewelry organizer that’s won design awards in Europe for its sophisticated style and elegant practicality. Let Onmii showcase your favorite possessions simply and beautifully, adding a touch of style to any décor.

We have Onmii organizers AVAILABLE NOW for giveaways! Website publishers and bloggers with a Minimum of 4,000 verified unique page views a month may be eligible to host an Onmii organizer giveaway! (expires April 30 2011)

Onmii offers a superior design that organizes jewelry in a fun and functional way that is as beautiful as it is practical! Searching for a lost earring before a dinner out, rummaging through a mess of intertwined chains and bracelets is all too common for women who want to “shop in the back of the closet,” taking advantage of what they already own inside of buying new accessories every time they misplace an item.

But finding an eye-catching solution that brings your jewelry out of the drawer or the box has been nearly impossible – until now.

Onmii offers a beautiful solution to the problem of tangled jewelry and cluttered jewelry boxes. Tired of untangling chains or forgetting what you own? Organize it simply and beautifully with Onmii. Whether it’s organizing a few select pieces or an entire jewelry box the Onmii Board makes an elegant statement as it makes accessorizing your wardrobe easier.

There are 2 styles of acrylic Onmii boards. For more information on this innovative jewelry organizer, please visit

Carolyn Akel
7876 Heather Lake Court E| Jacksonville,
Florida 32256 415-595-7070 | carolyn(at)onmiishop(dot)com


Interested in receiving this and other great PR Ops for bloggers? Register for free

10 Apr

List of places to submit your giveaways

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The Blog PR Wire has been sharing some great giveaway opportunities for bloggers this month and we thought we would provide some tips on promoting your blog giveaways as this weeks Blog Tip post.

1) Harness social media. Be sure to post your giveaway links on your Twitter, Facebook, and social media profiles. Two great ways to help schedule these posts are: and

2) Post your giveaway’s on Contest sites accepting free submissions. Here is a list of places to submit your giveaways:

Blog Give Aways (email submission)

Contest Listings (form submission)

International contests

Saving with Cents (weekly roundup linky)

Coupon Geek Got Giveaways

Book Giveaways

Moms who love to read (book giveaways only)

Online Sweepstakes (free membership registration required)

Contest Alley Link back required

Sweepstakes advantage (requires free registration)

Cashnet Sweeps (requires free registration)

Mom Fuse

Mom Giveaways

Mom Spotted

Mamma Buzz

Lucky Day Contests

Know of others? Please comment and share the places you submit your blog giveaways.



24 Mar

Featured Blogger- Naptime is My Time

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BlogPrWire’s featured blogger this week is: Emily of Naptime is My Time.

Emily established her blog in late November 2010, but did not commit to writing regularly until February 2011. She’s new to the blogging community, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the great custom theme and graphics on her blog.

We’d say Emily understands some webmaster fundamentals, her blog is easy to navigate, the template meets Internet advertising standards. Her posts are a mixture of parenting resources and blogging resources. She started blogging as a way to share my thoughts and reflections on what I have learned about being a woman, a wife, and a mother.

What is your blog about?
Nap Time Is My Time is about one mom’s dreams of eco-friendly domestic bliss. I write about parenting, being a mother, a woman, healthy recipes and whatever interests me at that particular moment.

Share a tip you use to promote your blog:
In order to promote your blog, it is important to read other blogs and comment on them too. This will let other bloggers know that you’re “out there.” Also, I do not follow every blog that I visit, or every blogger that visits my blog; I follow those which add value to my life.

More about your blog and your goals for the year:
This year, my biggest goal is to grow my readership through consistent posting on topics directly related to eco-friendly living. You’re likely to see posts about growing an herb garden, favorite e-books and choosing organic dairy products for your family.

Another goal I have is to review, and host giveaways, for eco-friendly products.
Emily bloggerEmily is a former work-at-the-office wife turned stay-at-home mom. She enjoys writing, photography, cooking and many other activities. She loves a good Margarita and {some} reality TV. She and her husband married in 2005 and welcomed their first child in 2009.

Find Emily on Twitter

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